Looking for a roof repair specialist in Northern Colorado?

At Martinez Roofing, we know how frustrating it can be to have a roof that's not doing what you expect it to do. Whether you're in need of a repair due to a recent storm or time has taken its toll on your roof but you're not quite ready for a replacement, we're the team you can turn to for expert roof repairs. Call our roofing contractors today for roof repair services in the Loveland & Greeley, CO areas.


Whether you're in Loveland, Greeley, CO or somewhere in between, the pros at Martinez Roofing bring more than 75 years of experience to each roof repair project we undertake. That means no matter what's going on with your roof, no matter your specific needs, you can rely on us to find the solution that's best for your unique situation. We know roofs inside and out - and our extensive knowledge in roofing allows us to provide the best options for our customers' needs.

For the team at Martinez Roofing, roof repairs are a specialty. We truly love our community and we believe that repairing roofs is the perfect way to serve our neighbors, ensuring that they can enjoy their homes. Reach out to us today to schedule an estimate for your roof repair needs. We look forward to working with you.


Replacing your roof can be expensive and a waste of money and energy if it's not necessary. If your Northern Colorado roof simply needs repaired, you can save considerable time and money. Here's some things to consider when deciding to repair or replace your Front Range roof.

You can likely make repairs to your roof if:

  • It is less than 20 years old
  • Some of the current roofing materials are cracked or damaged, but the majority is intact
  • There are cracks or leaks around vents, skylights, or chimneys
  • Recent weather damage you had inspected
  • You've had routine roofing inspections without significant notations
  • There was a single incident that contributed to the damage

Thank you to Martinez Roofing for doing an excellent job replacing my roof! They came early and finished late, one night making sure it was safe before the rain started. Before they left, they made sure everything was cleaned up perfectly. You wouldn't know I had just gotten my roof put on, except it looks beautiful! Great owners and employees, I highly recommend!

Jackie C.


Every region has its own advantages and disadvantages for roofs and the materials they are made from. Luckily, here in Northern Colorado, we are in a decent climate for roofs and housing materials to easily reach their full lifespan. A quality, well-installed roof should last between 20 and 25 years, if no injury occurs. Because it is such a long-term investment, a roof is not one to take lightly, here are a few considerations to be aware of.

Colorado's sunny and dry weather leaves you slathering on the sunscreen and chapstick more than 300 days a year, heat or cool, and your roof feels it too. Over time, the sun can break down roofing materials at a quicker rate than our shady state neighbors. Add in that mile-high relationship with the sun's rays, and you've got a recipe for dry rot and sun damage. Mitigate these threats with smarter roofing materials and routine roofing inspections.

Weld County's wind is relentless, and your roof is the protection your home counts on to protect your family. Gale-force winds can blow roofing materials loose and relocate debris to your roof causing significant damage. Known for spring tornadoes, Loveland & Greeley, CO roofs are no stranger to the dangers of high winds and relentless strong breezes. Protect your home with superior roofing installation and materials from Martinez Roofing.

Northern Colorado is spared the worst of the snow and ice storms that Colorado is known for, but here on the Front Range, we still see our fair share of freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. Not only does the swelling and shrinking of freezing and thawing moisture cause problems, but the weight of snow on a poorly-pitched roof can lead to the premature call to local roofing experts like those at Martinez Roofing.


While a typical roof will last 20 to 25 years, there are a few things you can do to help ensure it lasts closer to the 30-year mark than the 20.

Don't delay on roof repairs

If your roof has suffered any damage, be it from Northern Colorado hail, a falling tree, or a wayward trampoline blowing in the wind, never delay in getting your roof inspected and repaired. Hesitating can turn a simple roof repair into a complete roof replacement! Not sure if there is damage? Schedule your roofing inspection today!

Keep up on roof maintenance and inspections

For the most part, roofs are low maintenance home features, but they do require an inspection every now and then. A roof inspection will reveal minor issues before they become major problems, saving you thousands of dollars and extending the life of your residential or commercial NoCo roof.

Use and clean gutters

Gutters help protect your home from the roof to the foundation and everywhere in between. By collecting rainwater and carrying it away from structures where it can safely absorb or pool, they protect every inch of your home. One of the biggest challenges to proper gutter function is debris that collects and prevents water from freely flowing through them.

Have it installed correctly from the get-go

A poorly installed roof will never fully benefit from any roof repair. To ensure the longevity of your roof, have it installed correctly to begin with. The local roofing experts at Martinez Roofing have been installing and repairing Greeley and Longmont residential and commercial roofs for more than 75 years and have a reputation we've had to earn!