Chances are, if you think it's a roofing emergency, it probably is. If there is an obvious hole in the roof, water leaking through the roof, missing portions of roof, or the roof is actively collapsing and structural integrity is compromised to the point that your roof is no longer functioning as a roof, it's best to contact your local emergency roofer. At Martinez Roofing, we've been providing emergency residential and commercial roofing services in Loveland, Greeley, CO and the surrounding Northern Colorado area since 2000, and we are here for you. To help you better understand what a roofing emergency is, let's explore the levels of urgency.

True Roofing Emergency

As we mentioned above, if something has happened and your roof is either no longer there or leaking water, it is likely a roofing emergency. Some examples include:

  • A tree, branch, or loose debris has fallen or blown into your roof, leaving a hole
  • Wind, rain, or hail has damaged or removed roofing material and there is water entering your home
  • A fire has burned your roof or ceiling structures

Not sure if your issue qualifies as a roofing emergency, call the Martinez Roofing experts 24/7 for an over-the-phone quick diagnosis and action plan.

Urgent Roofing Problem

Urgent roofing matters are semi-emergencies that need to be attended to quickly in order to prevent true roofing emergencies. While your roof may still be intact enough to keep water or starlight out, that won't be the story for long. For instance:

  • There is roof/ceiling sag with dripping water
  • There has been an assault to the roof that caused damage without breaking through
  • Roofing materials are now missing, leaving exposed flashing

Urgent roofing matters should have an assessment and intervention as soon as possible, but they offer a little more time to call your homeowner's insurance company and schedule a roofing assessment.

ASAP Roofing Issues

Other roofing concerns that compromise the integrity of your roof's function are always an as-soon-as-possible need. Addressing roofing issues is never something that should be delayed, but in some cases, you may have time to wait until the following business day to schedule a roofing assessment. Some common ASAP roofing issues include:

  • Hail or high-wind storms that has damaged roofing materials
  • Moisture stains on the ceiling
  • Obvious visible roof material or flashing damage - i.e. missing shingles, warped materials, etc.

All roofing issues have the potential to become major problems, so don't hesitate in contacting your trusted local roofing company, Martinez Roofing.

Martinez Roofing has been responsive, quality workmanship, and when they're done the site is so clean as if they weren't there. All of my clients have thanked me for referring them.

Randy M.


If the first thing you've done when a roofing emergency happened was calling Martinez Roofing to get a 24-hour roofer en route to your home, great job, we will see you soon! If it wasn't, call us, now! There are a few things you can do while you wait for our arrival:

  • Stay Calm! Panicking won't help.
  • Make the area safe. Remove debris, set out water collection bins, and if the area cannot be made safe, remove your family and pets.
  • Mitigate secondary threats - do you need to turn off the water or power to the home?
  • If you haven't already, call the emergency roofers at Martinez Roofing.
  • Call your insurance company. If it's after-hours, we can help with this later.
  • Follow any instructions provided by the emergency roofer who's on the way.

We understand that a roofing emergency can be incredibly stressful when the structure that was once protecting you is now putting your family at risk. If you've called us, don't worry, we will be there soon. Our experienced, local roofing company can help you file the necessary insurance paperwork and build you a roof that's as good as new.